County Clare Inn – Jewel of Milwaukee


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The highly acclaimed County Clare Pub and Restaurant celebrate the music, the food and drink of Ireland.

The amiable staff is proud to present traditional Irish cuisine as well as contemporary American fare.

Feast on such comfort food as corned beef and cabbage, shepherds pie, grilled salmon, our popular Irish root soup and our meatloaf that your mom wishes she had the recipe for. Restaurant opens at 5 pm Monday – Thursday.

Join them for Lunch on Fridays starting at 11:00 am
Brunch on Saturdays & Sundays: 9 am – 2 pm
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Lakefront Brewery

1872 N Commerce St., Milwaukee Wisconsin; Tel. 414.372.8800

Thirsty Milwaukee visitors can’t expect to visit Milwaukee and escape without a brewery tour. Skip the majors and head to the youngish (since 1987) Lakefront Brewery, where the beer flows before the tour even starts. The $5 includes four beer tokens, a souvenir pint glass and a nice buzz (that’s more than most Milwaukee bars can say). On Fridays come early. Tours have a habit of selling out and for $10, get the whole shebang plus a fish fry and, if you’re lucky, live polka music.


Von Trier’s

2235 N Farwell Ave., Milwaukee Wisconsin; Tel. 414.272.1775

Locals could say that Von Trier’s is one of those Milwaukee specialties: brick façade, red neon sign and street-corner setting. But this Milwaukee mainstay is no dive. Positioned on bumping North Avenue, Von Trier’s offers a mellow and cozy alternative to bar and club hopping. It’s a beer lover’s pub where you’ll find 312 beers on tap inside and a beer garden out back during the summer. The free popcorn and pretzels complete Von Trier’s Old Milwaukee atmosphere.


Hi Hat Lounge and Garage

1701 N Arlington Pl., Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Tel. 414.225.9330

The Hi Hat can get a bad rap for being a little too swanky, but that’s probably just yuppie envy. With renowned gin martinis and a spot on hip Brady Street, the Hi Hat attracts a young and professional crowd. The music, of course, tends toward jazz, but you’ll find the occasional DJ. The adjacent Garage, where the atmosphere is more casual and the music more eclectic, sometimes features live acts. Hi Hat’s food complements the taste of its trendy patrons: salmon mousse with crackers, curry spring rolls and chicken or beef skewers with Thai peanut noodles.


Have A Nice Day Cafe

1103 N. Old World 3rd St., Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Tel. 414.270.9650

Located just one block from the Bradley Center, Milwaukee’s Have A Nice Day Cafe is a popular bar for drinks before or after Bucks games, concerts and other special events. This disco-themed bar is decorated with lava lamps, bright colors and, of course, disco balls. This Milwaukee bar sees a large college crowd, but young professionals and more seasoned citizens also populate Have A Nice Day Cafe. DJs spin the best hits from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s to the delight of Milwaukee locals who can’t stay off the dance floor.


At Random

2501 S. Delaware Ave., Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Tel. 414.481.8030

Located in Milwaukee’s Bay View neighborhood, At Random may be the best place in the city for froufrou cocktails and ice cream drinks. This Milwaukee bar also specializes in martinis for those looking to avoid dessert-type drinks. Cushy vinyl booths, dim lighting and the sounds of Sinatra floating in the background add to the, well, random atmosphere of this Milwaukee hotspot. Couples enjoy the intimate feel of the place and huge drinks for two, including the Flaming Tiki, which ensures patrons who aren’t in love before drinking it will definitely be after.



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